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Studying at GIA

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GIA provides students with an opportunity to develop and acquire the specialised skills needed to succeed in the gem and jewellery industry. From courses related to diamonds, coloured stones, pearls to jewellery design to sales and more.

Value of a GIA Education

Whether you're starting a new career or looking to advance your current one, a GIA education is key to opening doors within the industry. We teach the latest knowledge and time-tested skills using cutting-edge research and technology. Professionalism and integrity are at the heart of all that we do so we provide our students with the expertise they need to operate at the highest ethical and professional standards. GIA credentials are a globally recognized mark of excellence that show a jewellery professional is equipped for the challenges and opportunities of the ever-evolving gem and jewellery industry.

Study full time at a GIA campus or location in India and earn your professional credential. All GIA campuses and locations feature classrooms equipped with the latest tools and equipment, small classes conducive to personalised instruction, and attentive staff dedicated to your success. You'll learn by doing, working with expert instructors ready to provide guidance and answer questions, and you'll collaborate with fellow students who share your passion for gems and jewellery.



GIA is at the hub of India's gem and jewelry industry, located close to the famed Bharat Diamond Bourse—the world's largest diamond trading hub.


Surat has long been a commercial hub in India and is now an international diamond cutting and polishing center. Surat's booming economy offers exciting opportunities for students who attend GIA.

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