Graduate Diamonds

The Graduate Diamonds diploma programme examines the technical expertise needed to grade, buy, and sell diamonds with the insight of a seasoned professional. This diploma program explores the GIA diamond grading procedures to assess the 4Cs – color, clarity, cut and carat weight and how they affect diamond value. Students use professional diamond grading equipment for the purposes of examining a diamond’s quality characteristics to grade and identify diamonds. Coursework also includes creating plotting diagrams; determining fluorescence; and detecting treated diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds and diamond simulants. Other topics covered include the effect of fluorescence on diamond body colour, the role cut plays in the marketplace, and important sectors of the diamond industry, including dealers, cutters and manufacturers.

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Course Highlights

  • Develop in-depth, hands-on experience with the GIA International Diamond Grading System™ and the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut and carat weight); appreciate how they affect diamond value
  • Grade diamonds in the D-to-Z color range
  • Detect diamond laboratory-grown, treatments and simulants
  • Recognise when advanced testing is required

Ideally Suited For

  • Diamond Manufacturer
  • Jewellery Manufacturer
  • Loose Diamond Buyer and Seller
  • Jewellery Retailer and Wholesaler
  • Lab and Research Professional
  • Any individual aspiring for a career in gems and jewellery industry

Shaheen Abbas
Shaheen Abbas,
GIA Graduate Diamonds Jewellery Designer

“Knowledge is power and is gained by learning, and I only realised that after having come to GIA. This course has satisfied my extreme curiosity about diamonds. The faculty is excellent, knowledgeable and very patient. This course has helped me better my craft. My only regret is not having come to GIA earlier.”

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