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Online Clearance of Rough for GIA Diamond Origin Programme

Online Clearance Of Rough For GIA Diamond Origin Programme

As part of the GIA Diamond Origin Programme, clients may decide to send small lots of rough to GIA for the service from the parcels that they receive from mines. To support and facilitate the same while maintaining the integrity of the Diamond Origin Programme and traceability of the rough to the mines, and to enable smooth submissions, GIA would send an employee to the client office to witness the process of parcel opening and selection of lots. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic conditions and futuristic business perspective for faster, efficient and more convenient business processes that are supported by technology. Hence, GIA has developed this process to conduct the clearance online.

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Diamond Origin Programme Video Recording Form

As mentioned in Online Clearance of Rough for Diamond Origin Programme, under section Must Requirements (5) and sub-section Privacy (5.6), GIA will request a video recording and retention consent from the clients and their authorised POCs through a Diamond Origin Programme Video Recording Form. The form contains information on the video recording and retention period, and a signed acknowledgment from the clients and authorised POCs indicates their agreement to the same.

Online Clearance Video

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