Careers at GIA India

Job Title : Application Support Analyst

Department: IT     Reports to: Sr. Manager – Infrastructure Services


Job Role:


Responsible for developing, administering and supporting application solutions that are robust, scalable, reusable, and maintainable. Adheres to software development standards in coding and change management of application  system life cycle management using Agile and Waterfall methodologies.


Essential Duties:

  • Code, test, implement, and assist in the design of in‐house software applications to meet both functional and technical requirements.
  • Administer Application System for high availability and ensure the protection of enterprise data using backup and restore skills.
  • Develop solutions geared towards high performance and loosely coupled services.
  • Ensure quality and ease of deployment by writing thorough unit, integration, and end‐to‐end tests.
  • Refactor and maintain high standards for the code base.
  • Ensure the consistency and maintainability of existing applications by creating and maintaining standards/procedures for implementing technical solutions.
  • Review support requests and identify opportunities for preventing common issues.
  • Periodically evaluate code and systems for potential improvements and offer automation and tools that can be integrated into existing systems and new initiatives.
  • Participate in Agile ceremonies such as daily stand ups, sprint reviews, and retrospectives.




  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or related field and 3+ years of related experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Work Experience:

  • Building front end or back end systems.
  • Experience with version control systems like GItHub, DevOps, continuous delivery, and continuous integration practices.
  • Experience with Agile development practices, such as Scrum and Extreme Programming.
  • Knowledge of core Microsoft .Net Development Platform is must.
  • Experience with SQL and PL/SQL for developing Application Packages.
  • Experience with the Administration of MSSQL Server 2008 and above environment is must


Description of Success Factors:

  • Flexibility: Flexible to work in 24 X 7 environment
  • Problem solving: Identify potential problems, articulate/classify issues and able to determine next steps by referencing existing policies and procedures; apply sound analytical and reasoning skills during the
    problem‐solving process; analyze the data gathered and reach a solution or provide a summary for a management decision when required.
  • Service oriented: Self‐motivated to meet and exceed customer needs.
  • Communication skills: Ability to communicate professionally and collaborate with a diverse group of  professionals as well as senior leadership; provide constructive feedback to less experienced staff;
    proactively seek guidance and feedback from others or more experienced team members (actively listen and communicate with others in a timely & professional manner). Ability to effectively present technical information.
  • Time‐management skills: Approaches work in an organized and systematic manner. Plans work and time effectively to manage conflicting or shifting priorities and achieve goals aligned with the business needs.
  •  Mentoring skills: Shares and transfers technical knowledge locally and globally when able
  • Teamwork: Ability to work effectively individually or in a group setting
  • Interpersonal skills: Ability to create positive interactions with colleagues and a team; actively communicate with others, including management, in a timely & professional manner; maintain a collaborative working relationship with others and peers to improve the team performance. Ability to deal effectively with a variety of personalities to establish and maintain effective working relationships with global IT Teams.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty


Technical knowledge:

  • Keep up to date with current trends in computing, application architecture, and cloud computing services.
  • Advanced knowledge of object‐oriented design patterns, application architecture patterns, and application integration patterns. Knowledge of both relational and non‐relational (NoSQL) databases.
  • Strong computer skills utilizing software such as Microsoft Office Suite, e.g., MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint; and e‐mail.
  • Knowledge of Help Desk System workflow and Reporting.

Job Title : Assistant Security Officer / Security Officer

Department: Security     Reports to: Manager-Security

Job Role:

Ensure effective safety, security and emergency response by referring given procedures and directions by superiors and by reporting all abnormalities to all concern taking adequate immediate actions.


Essential Duties:

Physical Security Operations – 40%

  • Conducts periodic walking patrols of the facility/premises and designated parking lot(s) as directed by superiors and reports discrepancies.
  • Follows all security procedures as directed and complies with all uniform and plain clothes assignments related to the job.
  • Assists or escorts, visitors, vendors or clients to/within facility/premises as needed.
  • Assists or escorts, housekeeping cleaners for trash handling and storage.
  • Monitors and reports any discrepancies of activity viewed on surveillance equipment as needed.
  • Maintains safety and security related equipment, procedures and facilities.


Emergency Response Preparedness – 30%

  • Maintain thorough knowledge of ‘site emergency response plan’ (GIA and TC-Building) and implement it during emergency situations and mock-drills to ensure life-safety & protection of assets
  • Quick & prompt response in all emergency situations (in accordance to SOPs)
  • Prompt first-aid assistance to staff & visitors.
  • Successfully complete all scheduled safety & first-aid training program.
  • Follows and implements all guidelines received from RJC.


EHS – 30%

  • Reports all abnormalities, incidents in respect of environment, health & safety promptly and takes immediate actions as per SOP and/or as directed by superiors.
  • Follows all safety & health procedures as directed and complies with all assignments related to the job.




  • 12th Standard

Work Experience

  • Minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in handling safety & security operations.


  • Preferred B & C certificate of NCC


Description of Success Factors:


  • Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies and procedures to safeguard people, data and property
  • Relevant knowhow of electronic security systems and exposure in responding to emergency situations.
  • Experience in handling and resolving emergency incidents
  • Knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)



  • Good written and verbal communication (English preferred)
  • Active Listening
  • Customer service orientation
  • Alertness and attentiveness
  • Person with high energy levels and initiative
  • Exceptional time management and co-ordination skills.



  • Responsible and trustworthy
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly
  • Ability and willingness to work under pressure

Job Title : MIS Analyst

Department: India Lab Planning     Reports to: Senior Manager, Lab Operations Planning

Job Role:


The MIS Analyst role is responsible for the design, development, implementation and support of mission-critical enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) reports, Management Dashboards, Excel reports and other tools working with cross-functional teams. MIS Analyst needs to document reporting requirements to meet business needs. Using skills and experience as a MIS Analyst, will need to design, develop, test and implement reports and dashboards that utilize the underlying data store(s)/ data warehouse(s) / data mart(s). Also present this data in the simplest form for understanding.

Essential Duties:

MIS – 40%

  • Develop real time, daily, weekly, monthly metric charts with a focus on metrics that help operations to effectively monitor & meet delivery performance targets
  • Generate and distribute management reports in an accurate and timely manner
  • Provide support and maintenance to existing Business Intelligence tools
  • Generate both periodic and ad hoc reports as required
  • Participate in cross-functional meetings to support and assist in troubleshooting and resolution for any reporting issues


Automation and Develop, Design MIS – 30%

  • Develop MIS documentation to allow for smooth operations and easy system maintenance
  • Data Warehousing and Reporting / Dashboard creation
  • Provide recommendations to automate current MIS to improve reporting efficiency and consistency
  • Develop MIS system for effective production management and control
  • Understand operational issues and provide appropriate technical solutions by building tools (Planning tools, Simulation models, etc.)


Analytics – 30%

  • Analyze and provide key insights to support management team decisions
  • Analyze business information and derive insights to identify problem areas, improvements for increasing business efficiency and effectiveness
  • Perform data analysis on periodic basis using advanced data mining methodologies, principles and techniques to derive insights to enhance laboratory performance


Educational Qualification:

Bachelor’s Degree, Preferred Statistical & Analytical Background


Work Experience:

  • Minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in Programming / scripting experience and knowledge of software development life cycle is preferred
  • 2-3 years’ experience as a MIS Analyst in designing, developing, testing and implementing Business Intelligence Reports and Management Dashboards
  • Experience in developing Planning and Simulation models


Description of Success Factors


  • Excellent MS Excel skills – Dashboard preparation, making new reports, using advanced tools/formulas, VBA, Macros
  • Pro with SQL queries.
  • Pro with reporting tool any one of – BI/OBI/BO


Technical Skills:

  • Experience in developing and implementing enterprise-scale reports and dashboards
  • Strong in writing language SQL queries
  • Proficient with MS Office Applications like Excel, Access etc. and being able to design reports and tools with VBA macros
  • Extensive experience with data warehouse implementations
  • Knowledge of logical and physical data modeling concepts (relational and dimensional)
  • Performance tuning experience related to reporting queries required
  • Understanding of data integration issues (validation and cleaning), familiarity with complex data and structures
  • Requires strong analytical, conceptual and problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Interpersonal Skills, must be a team player.
  • Understanding of Market Research, data analysis.
  • Attention to details.
  • Planning, Reliability, Punctuality.


Soft Skills and Ability:


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to listen to and communicate effectively to management, senior management and peers
  • Belief in team setting and collaborative work environment
  • Ability to plan and organize self
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly

Job Title : Executive/Sr. Executive – Marketing

Department: Marketing     Reports to: Manager – Marketing


Job Role:


  • Supports the Marketing Manager in RSP (Retail Sales Program) end to end requirements.
  • Compiles data, analyses trends and reports insights with inputs on potential actions / decisions.
  • Helps create campaigns for maintaining relationship with clients, prospects, business development team, industry participants with optimum leverage of publications and service providers.
  • Budgetary planning, allocation, monitoring and feedback.


Essential Duties:


  1. Drive in-store visibility, RSP (inventory control)
    (maintain, record and reorder of collateral stocks as per requirements)

    • Works under the direction of a Marketing Manager to innovate and improve by challenging status quo.
    • Places calls to or visits clients as needed to receive feedback on marketing materials, shares insights with Marketing Manager to develop effective point-of-sale communication props.
    • Organises and plans the production of all major marketing materials by working closely with printers, and other service providers.
    • Contributes in promoting company events and company participation at industry events.
    • Analyses surveys, polls, FGDs and other market research instruments to look for patterns and trends.
    • Use productivity enhancement tools such as SalesForce (CRM), Marketo (Marketing Automation) to improve ROI.
    • Maintains periodic (fortnightly) stock report of all available stock in SFDC.

  3. Assist in budgetary planning & control (essential)
    (assisting in the budgetary numbers and reports)

    • Analyses spends vis-à-vis markets (zones / states / cities), verticals (Lab / Education / Instruments), media channels (exhibitions / events / trade media), and periods (seasons / quarters etc.) to maximize ROI.
    • Enters marketing data into spreadsheets and helps to create data and financial reports for Marketing Managers.
    • Presents detailed data analysis using simple-to-understand tools such as graphs and charts.
    • Assist in Budgetary planning and control.

  5. Creative layout and visualizing (desirable)
    (assisting in designing new creative layouts and fresh look for the Advertisements and Messaging in Trade Shows)

    • Supports the Marketing Manager in developing messaging content, creative layouts, and ad-copies within the framework of brand guidelines for booth-panels at trade shows, marketing collaterals, trade magazine ads and other pieces of communication.
    • Support digital campaigns manager by providing inputs to replicate strategic messaging in digital space.
    • Knowledge of various digital marketing channels (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) required to effectively support digital campaigns manager.
    • Provides fact-checking, copy-editing, and formatting inputs / QC inputs during the creation of collateral layouts, website content, web-banners, digital ad-copies and other promotional materials.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with PG qualification in Marketing.
  • Computer Proficiency – MS Office Suite, MS Project, SalesForce, Marketo.


Work Experience:

3 to 5 years of relevant experience.


Description of Success Factors


  • Orientation for Customer Service and managing Client Relationships.
  • Financial Skills, General Math’s Skills, Budgetary planning, allocation and management.



  • Excellent Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Interpersonal Skills, must be a team player.
  • Understanding of Market Research, data analysis.
  • Attention to details.
  • Planning, Reliability, Punctuality.



  • Ability to work under deadlines.
  • Ability and willingness to work under pressure
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly
  • Ability to work as a team player
  • Ability to take initiative and be a self-starter

Job Title : Supervisor - Pre/Post Grading (Night Shift)

Department: Pre/Post Grading     Level: L6      Reports to: Manager    


Job Role: This is the first leadership role, responsible for day-to-day operational production management of assigned pre/post grading team in order to meet production goals (quantity and quality)


Essential Duties:
  • Manage and perform the following and other duties assigned to meet the team’s operational and production goals:
  • Manage team’s operational production work flow amongst the different duties performed by team members to meet the daily production goals (quantity and quality) including cross-functional production work coordination (i.e. all pre/post grading job families, coordinating with planning team and grading team on stone distribution plan; IC team to monitor expected intakes, inventory levels and outputs throughout the lab to manage daily production for achieving the lab daily production plan, etc.)
  • Manage resources required (i.e. equipment/devices, staff’s work schedules, etc.) to maximize daily productivity and operational efficiency
  • Monitor and carry out daily functional work of the team, i.e. time and labor related work, breaks, scheduled and un-scheduled absences, overtime if needed, etc.
  • Provide feedback, coach, engage, motivate and support team members on an ongoing basis including setting up individual development plan (IDP) for staff member’s professional development, meeting the team regularly to review team production status and identify any issues or areas for improvement, etc.
  • Coordinate and communicate any update from the Lab Management to the team members including any changes or updates in policies and procedures related to lab operations including customer service/service demands or the entire organization
  • Initiate and deliver the performance evaluation of the assigned team members including goal setting and writing detailed comments to support the rating given, in accordance with the HR process. (Note to file: managers will review the Performance Review completed by Supervisors before all reviews go for HR review)
  • May be required to participate in the hiring process, provide input for progressive discipline; may deliver disciplinary actions with a manager; make recommendations for termination
  • May be required to work with the respective departments to ensure that the team’s orientation and training seminars/events arranged from time-to-time in accordance with the work plan; identify areas of improvement/ development for staff and provide appropriate plan or approach the management with a proposed development/training plan if needed
  • Be able to resolve non-routine or complex issues by using sound technical and problem solving skills or escalate issues to the appropriate person when necessary
  • Build strong collaborative relationships and team environment to deliver the team’s goals (the collaborative relationship extends across all functions of the lab)
  • Identify and prioritize key issues, risks and opportunities for the creation of action plans with solutions or proposals for Lab Management’s approval. (i.e. specific device technical issues, process flow issues, client feedback, etc.)
  • Practice and improve technical skills required throughout the pre/post grading process in order to lead and enable the team to meet their production targets (quality and quantity)
  • Be responsible for the team’s service quality, i.e. monitor data and ensure that the work done by the team members is consistent, accurate and follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Proactively participate in and provide recommendations for improvement of the Lab’s operational processes and systems
  • May be required to support global lab activities, i.e. travel to domestic and/or International locations, participate in educational opportunities; read professional publications and remain informed of industry developments
  • Perform other duties as needed or per business needs


  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Minimum 5 years as Team Leader required for applying to this position *
  • Employee assuming this position must endeavor to continually improve and develop skills required to successfully perform the entrusted duties


Description of Success Factors:
  • Accountability: Demonstrate personal initiative, focus and drive for continuous improvement; hold self and team members accountable to meet commitments and delivery goals in a timely manner
  • Technical Knowledge: Achieve the necessary position-related technical and professional skills or knowledge to support a proper business decision during the production process. Keep up with current technology and trends in area of expertise in order to perform this leadership role
  • Service Mindset: Drive and motivate the team to achieve the production targets; build strong business relationships with team members and cross-functions and deliver customer-centric solutions
  • Mentoring Skills: Plan and support the development of team members’ professional knowledge, skills & abilities to build capacity and drive organizational effectiveness. Build strong teams through valuing, leveraging & maximizing diverse skills and perspectives to achieve common goals
  • Drive Engagement: Create a culture where people are motivated to do their best to help the organization
    achieve its objectives (sound ability to develop and motivate staff, i.e. strong relationship building skills and engagement with approachable demeanor)
  • Drive for Results: Set clear goals for personal and group accomplishment and use measurement methods to monitor progress toward goals, i.e. creating and identifying metrics as effective tools to manage the communication and staff/team performance. Maintain a focus on continuous improvement and staff development by providing constructive feedback.
  • Decision quality/problem solving skills: Sound ability to identify the root causes of the specific problems occurred during the production process and use data for further analyzing and quantifying the issues in order to making appropriate, timely decisions and sound resolutions or propose solutions to the management if needed
  • Communication Skills: Develop and deliver multi-mode communication that conveys a clear understanding of the specific needs of team members or other audiences; clear and concise verbal and written communication delivered with confidence and the style of the receiver in mind
  • Collaboration skills: Ability to work with good coordination and teamwork with all levels (up/down and lateral); develop and use collaborative relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of team’s work goals. Gain the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity, transparency and authenticity
  • Ability to manage conflict and resolve it harmoniously and productively to minimize impact and maximize outcomes; ability to express opposing views in a non-confrontational manner
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Spectrum, Searchlight and BI
  • Time management skills: Approach work in an organized and systematic manner; plan team’s work and time effectively to manage conflicting or shifting priorities and achieve team’s goals in alignment with department and organization


Job Title : Instructor - Gemology

Department: Education    Reports to: Director Education    


Job Role: Ensure best student experience.
Apart from handling chief responsibility of delivering GIA education, Instructor should assume responsibilities for continuous professional development & take care of additional responsibility assigned by Director.


Essential Duties:
  • Conduct Gemology class as per GIA curriculum
  • Conduct classes / seminars assigned as per guidelines
  • Prepare regularly & well for classes assigned
  • Display effective class management skills
  • Create ideal learning environment in class
  • Maintain professional standards
  • Maintain and foster sensitivity and respect for a culturally diverse classroom environment
  • Timely completion of administrative class management responsibilities.
  • Counsel students on academic performance & improvement areas
  • Address student concerns and attend to them promptly & Effectively.
  • Manage student evaluation & student engagement; share recommendation for improvement.
  • Proctors tests: receives, corrects, and processes assignments
  • Submits required class documents in a timely and complete manner
  • Submits final student grades & reports as per schedule
  • Manage class setup
  • Responsible handling of equipment’s, stones & materials
  • Plan diligently for class readiness with timelines
  • Participate actively & contribute in Education meetings and events
  • Work on identifying new areas of content requirement as per Industry/Student feedback and communicate to Director
  • Stay updated with industry trends & share recommendation
  • To travel extensively within India and outside to conduct GIA classes
  • Manage Off-Campus classes as per guidelines and in close coordination with Operations & Admission office
  • Interface with Director & all stakeholders
  • Communicates effectively, gets along with co-workers and management, and deals with stakeholders effectively and professionally under pressure
  • Ensure updates / professional development on an ongoing basis
  • Assume additional responsibility assigned & deliver per needs
  • Ensure on-time reporting




  • Graduate (Any Discipline)
  • Gemology Graduate from GIA.

Work Experience

  • Relevant work experience of 1 to 3 years


Description of Success Factors:


  • In-depth Knowledge of Diamonds & Gemstones (along-with equipment’s used for identification in classroom environment) a must
  • Good understanding of the jewellery industry


  • Strong Communication Skill
  • Effective Presentation skills
  • Student / Class management skills


  • Ability to effectively present course material and provide answers and feedback to students
  • Ability to demonstrate a command of theory and contemporary knowledge, and continuing study in field
  • Ability to effectively interface with staff and students
  • Ability to plan & organize
  • Ability to create an effective learning environment

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Working at GIA means you can express your passion for gemstones and make a difference. GIA employs more than 3,000 people around the world. Some are educators who are committed to teaching. The rest are highly skilled professionals representing almost every aspect of the business world. This diverse and highly talented group works as a team to fulfill the Institute's mission to protect the public by setting and maintaining universal standards for gemstone evaluation.

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