Careers at GIA India

Job Title : Business Development Executive / Senior Business Development Executive

Department: Business Development     Reports to: Zonal Head – Business Development


Job Role: Responsible for carrying out business development activities and Sales Executive for concept selling in B2B domain, responsible for visibility, awareness and preference for GIA Brand in the assigned geographical territory. The candidate shall placed in Mumbai; however, shall be responsible for business development in the entire Rajasthan.


Essential Duties:


  • Expand client base by enrolling newer businesses as Lab Clients
  • Drive visibility, awareness and recall for GIA Brand in the customer premises for building consumer confidence
  • Hold consumer/trade education and staff-orientation initiatives with help from appropriate channel partners
  • Drive campaigns for awareness creation of GIA’s newer service offerings
  • Stay compliant with GIA’s client communication policy



  • Create awareness and counsel for GIA Education courses among interested students
  • Drive GIA’s outreach initiative in India by taking GIA’s appropriate course offerings to off-campus classes for Diploma and Extension
  • Drive enrolments, oversee venue selection, on-site arrangements, logistics and other coordination for off-campus classes
  • Stay Compliant with GIA’s student communication policy


Planning & Organizing:

  • Record all activities in the CRM tool in prescribed work-flow
  • Generate and use self-monitoring reports to stay on course
  • Ensure data accuracy and integrity while recording daily activities




  • Graduate in any discipline.
  • Diploma / Course in Marketing / Management


Work Experience

  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in selling intangible / concept


Description of Success Factors:


  • B2B Selling
  • Experience of G&J industry and / or working in a structured organization will be an added advantage
  • Good computer skills including high level of proficiency with Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) and customer databases
  • Ease and comfort at working with cloud-based CRM tools



  • Excellent Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Assertive and firm
  • Person with high energy levels and initiative



  • Ability to build strong network
  • Result oriented with ability to deliver on timelines with quality
  • Ability to plan and organize

Job Title : Maintenance Assistant

Department: Maintenance     Reports to: Manager


Job Role: Responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of the instruments

Essential Duties:


            • Preventative and corrective maintenance of the instrument i.e. Respond to breakdown calls from production area
            • Adherence to maintenance schedule i.e. Perform daily calibration tasks in collaboration with team leads and maintenance team manager
            • Inspection and analysis of instrument performance, take accountability for resolving problems to resolution
            • Understating the problem and quick resolution of the same to any equipment.
            • Develop strategies to improve the maintenance schedule and process.
            • Coordination with user areas/ other support teams to provide assistance to operational team
            • Troubleshooting and repair of laboratory equipment
            • Help promote culture of following standard work in production.



Qualification :


            •  Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Mechanical/Electronics and communication/Electrical) preferred, Master’s in Laser and optics preferred, qualifications related to laser experience preferred, optical and spectroscopy experience preferred, experience with non-contact measurement devices preferred
            •  Experience of 1-2 years with Laser, optics and or optical instrument, spectroscopy, non-contact measurement devices
            • Lean experience is a plus.



Description of Success Factors:



      • Good Understanding of Engineering terminology /analytical equipment and maintenance procedures



      • Strong analytical skills,
      • Good communication skills – verbal and written
      • Good listening skills



      • Ability to work with others in close manner
      • Ability to develop methods for analysis and conduct maintenance of devices and instrumentation,
      • Ability to adhere to project and task schedules

Job Title : Diamond Grader Associate

Department: Grading     Reports to: Team Leader


Job Role:Perform the summative evaluation of diamonds in accordance with the International Diamond Grading System and document identifying features required for the initial draft of GIA Diamond Grading Reports

Essential Duties:

        • Perform the following and other duties assigned to meet production goals (quality & quantity)
          • Evaluate a diamond and determine the initial clarity, polish and symmetry grades in
                accordance with GIA standards
          • Follow standard grading methodology and examination techniques to evaluate a diamond
                using proper tools and devices (i.e. microscope, loupe, tweezers, etc.)
          • Apply basic knowledge of GIA policies and procedures to identify characteristics present in
                the diamond, and electronically map observations onto a diagram by using GIA’s proprietary
          • Learn to interpret and follow documentation policies and procedures to efficiently represent
                characteristics and treatments present in the diamond by using GIA’s proprietary systems
          • Participate in ongoing professional training and testing for continuous grading development
          • Meet required Diamond Grader (L4) qualification criteria (quality and quantity) within
                specified timeline
          • Perform other duties as assigned or per business needs

Qualification :


      • High school diploma required. Or any Graduate Bachelor’s degree (B.S.) from four-year
            college or university with major in Earth Sciences preferred
      • Must complete GIA Graduate Diamonds Program within 9 months of training start date


Description of Success Factors:


              • “Personal accountability: learn and improve performance; take personal responsibility for
                    decisions, actions & outcomes
              • Technical knowledge: ability to learn, retain and apply grading knowledge (includes
                    receiving and applying feedback from mentors/more experienced staff)
              • Service mindset: drive and motivation to meet production and quality requirements
              • Decision quality/Problem solving: ability to identify issues; know how to escalate an issue or
                    to ask for guidance
              • Analytical skills: learn to apply analytical thinking and deductive reasoning to daily work;
                    ability to learn to articulate the issues/reasoning to reach the initial evaluation of diamonds
              • Visual perception (being able to make sense of what you see), depth perception,
                    understanding of spatial relationship – ability to map a 3-Dimensional object into
                    2-D diagram with accuracy
              • Ability to use gemological equipment (microscope and loupe) to evaluate the diamond, and
                    hand-held tools (tweezers, stone holder) to manipulate diamonds
              • Ability to read, comprehend and follow standard procedures or instruction (proficiency in
                    reading, writing and speaking in English required)
              • Communication Skills: Ability to communicate professionally and collaborate with a diverse
                    group of individuals – actively listen and communicate with others in a timely & professional
                    manner; ask questions, receive and apply feedback; proactively participate in training
              • Sound skills in computer software (MS Office)
              • Ability to work in close physical proximity with other staff, while utilizing shared equipment.
              • Detail oriented – ability to produce accurate detailed work and documentation
              • Ability to work independently in a production-oriented laboratory environment
              • Interpersonal skills: Ability to create positive interactions with colleagues and a team;
                    actively communicate with others in a timely & professional manner; maintain good working
                    relationship with others and peers
              • Time management skills: approach work in an organized and systematic manner”

Job Title : Assistant Security Officer / Security Officer

Department: Security     Reports to: Manager-Security


Job Role:Ensure effective safety, security and emergency response by referring given procedures and directions by superiors and by reporting all abnormalities to all concern taking adequate immediate actions.

Essential Duties:

        • Physical Security Operations – 40%
          • Conducts periodic walking patrols of the facility/premises and designated parking lot(s)
                as directed by superiors and reports discrepancies.
          • Follows all security procedures as directed and complies with all uniform and
                plain clothes assignments related to the job.
          • Assists or escorts, visitors, vendors or clients to/within facility/premises as needed
          • Assists or escorts, housekeeping cleaners for trash handling and storage.
          • Monitors and reports any discrepancies of activity viewed on surveillance equipment
                as needed.
          • Maintains safety and security related equipment, procedures and facilities


          • Emergency Response Preparedness – 30%
            • Maintain thorough knowledge of ‘site emergency response plan’ (GIA and TC-Building) and
                  implement it during emergency situations and mock-drills to ensure life-safety &
                  protection of assets
            • Quick & prompt response in all emergency situations (in accordance to SOPs)
            • Prompt first-aid assistance to staff & visitors.
            • Successfully complete all scheduled safety & first-aid training program.
            • Follows and implements all guidelines received from RJC.


            • EHS – 30%
              • Reports all abnormalities, incidents in respect of environment, health & safety
                    promptly and takes immediate actions as per SOP and/or as directed by superiors.
              • Follows all safety & health procedures as directed and complies with all assignments
                    related to the job.



        Qualification :

              Education: 12th Standard


              Work Experience : Minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in handling safety & security operations.


              Others : Preferred B & C certificate of NCC


        Description of Success Factors:


              • Knowledge:
                    • Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies and procedures to safeguard people, data
                          and property
                    • Relevant knowhow of electronic security systems and exposure in responding to
                          emergency situations.
                    • Experience in handling and resolving emergency incidents
                    • Knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)

              • Skills:
                • Good written and verbal communication (English preferred)
                • Active Listening
                • Customer service orientation
                • Alertness and attentiveness
                • Person with high energy levels and initiative
                • Exceptional time management and co-ordination skills.

              • Ability:
                • Responsible and trustworthy
                • Ability to learn and adapt quickly
                • Ability and willingness to work under pressure

Job Title : Laboratory Assistant – Non Grading

Department: Weights & Measures, Inscription, Inventory Control, Report Services and Transport
Level: L2     Reports to: Team Leader/Supervisor


Job Role: Perform assigned pre/post grading production processes of Lab Weights & Measures, Lab Inscription, Lab Inventory Control, Lab Report Services and Lab Transport required to complete the production workflow


Essential Duties:

        Perform any of the following or other duties as assigned to meet quality and production goals

        • Lab Weights & Measures
          •    Measure stone weight and other required data; prepare each stone for subsequent processes
                in accordance with procedures and requirements using relevant data
          • – Perform in weigh and operate cleaning station
          • – Perform screening, label printing, and/or measure ultraviolet fluorescence
          • – Prepare casetting of stones
        • Lab Inscription
          •    Perform the requested Inscription Service per required procedures and requirements
          • – Operate inscription device
          • – Perform inscription support activities if assigned (e.g. inking, cleaning, sending/receiving,    verifying inscription, etc.)
        • Lab Inventory Control
          •    Facilitate and distribute stones among assigned lab production functions as instructed
          •    Store stones for next process step in the system and physical location appropriately; facilitate    easy retrieval through efficient storage in accordance with required processes
          • – File/Pull from the Wall, distribute stones to organize workflow
          • – Perform Mini-IC Opening and Closing processes if applicable
        • Lab Report Services
          •   Prepare Reports for clients after requested services have been completed (e.g. folding,
              enclosing reports in sleeves, proofreading, etc.)

        • Lab Transport
          •    Receive incoming stone shipments from clients if applicable Prepare stones for
               shipment/delivery after service completion
          • – Perform item intake process (courier shipments) if applicable
          • – Receive, sort and organize stones in accordance with the procedures if applicable
          • – Perform outweigh and box/pack stones in preparation for delivery to clients


    Qualification: Typically require High School Diploma. No previous experience required
    Description of Success Factors:

            • Basic knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
            • Ability to learn and understand GIA proprietary systems (Spectrum, Searchlight, etc.)
            • Ability to learn and understand key GIA people and their roles in production functions
            • Ability to learn, understand and follow functional department Standard Operating Procedures
            • Familiarity with Lab production workflows
            • Basic understanding of GIA policies and procedures
            • Basic problem-solving skills: Understand when there is a problem and escalate as required; follow procedures to solve routine and often repetitive issues.
            • Sound communication skills in reading, writing and speaking clearly and ability to read and comprehend English (Spectrum, training in English)
            • Ability to communicate professionally (communicate respectfully, listen, articulate/explain issues, use professional tone, know when to email vs call, etc.)
            • Detail oriented / Ability to focus and complete tasks assigned in a timely manner
            • Ability to learn and use production equipment to perform the job assigned (tweezers, scales, stone-holder, microscope, etc.) and basic office equipment
            • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
            • Interpersonal skills: Ability to create positive interactions with colleagues; actively communicate with others in a timely & professional manner; maintain good working relationship with others and peers


Why Work at GIA?

Working at GIA means you can express your passion for gemstones and make a difference. GIA employs more than 3,000 people around the world. Some are educators who are committed to teaching. The rest are highly skilled professionals representing almost every aspect of the business world. This diverse and highly talented group works as a team to fulfill the Institute's mission to protect the public by setting and maintaining universal standards for gemstone evaluation.

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Pre-Employment Requirements:

• Applicants and new hires are subject to background checks as per the company policy, this will include reference checks, address, education verification, police verification and work history verification.

Equal Opportunity

• GIA is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, age, disability, or veteran’s status.

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