Careers at GIA India

Job Title : Supervisor, Pre/Post Grading – Surat (Evening Shift)

Department: Pre/PostGrading      Level: L6      Reports to: Manager

Job Role: This is the first leadership role, responsible for day-to-day operational production management of assigned pre/post grading team in order to meet production goals (quantity and quality)


Essential Duties:

Manage and perform the following and other duties assigned to meet the team’s operational and production goals:

  • Manage team’s operational production work flow amongst the different duties performed by team members to meet the daily production goals (quantity and quality) including cross-functional production work coordination (i.e. all pre/post grading job families, coordinating with planning team and grading team on stone distribution plan; IC team to monitor expected intakes, inventory levels and outputs throughout the lab to manage daily production for achieving the lab daily production plan, etc.)
  • Manage resources required (i.e. equipment/devices, staff’s work schedules, etc.) to maximize daily productivity and operational efficiency
  • Monitor and carry out daily functional work of the team, i.e. time and labor related work, breaks, scheduled and un-scheduled absences, overtime if needed, etc.
  • Provide feedback, coach, engage, motivate and support team members on an ongoing basis including setting up individual development plan (IDP) for staff member’s professional development, meeting the team regularly to review team production status and identify any issues or areas for improvement, etc.
  • Coordinate and communicate any update from the Lab Management to the team members including any changes or updates in policies and procedures related to lab operations including customer service/service demands or the entire organization
  • Initiate and deliver the performance evaluation of the assigned team members including goal setting and writing detailed comments to support the rating given, in accordance with the HR process. (Note to file: managers will review the Performance Review completed by Supervisors before all reviews go for HR review)
  • May be required to participate in the hiring process, provide input for progressive discipline; may deliver disciplinary actions with a manager; make recommendations for termination
  • May be required to work with the respective departments to ensure that the team’s orientation and training seminars/events arranged from time-to-time in accordance with the work plan; identify areas of improvement/ development for staff and provide appropriate plan or approach the management with a proposed development/training plan if needed
  • Be able to resolve non-routine or complex issues by using sound technical and problem solving skills or escalate issues to the appropriate person when necessary
  • Build strong collaborative relationships and team environment to deliver the team’s goals (the collaborative relationship extends across all functions of the lab)
  • Identify and prioritize key issues, risks and opportunities for the creation of action plans with solutions or proposals for Lab Management’s approval. (i.e. specific device technical issues, process flow issues, client feedback, etc.)
  • Practice and improve technical skills required throughout the pre/post grading process in order tolead and enable the team to meet their production targets (quality and quantity)
  • Be responsible for the team’s service quality, i.e. monitor data and ensure that the work done by the team members is consistent, accurate and follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Proactively participate in and provide recommendations for improvement of the Lab’s operational processes and systems
  • May be required to support global lab activities, i.e. travel to domestic and/or International locations, participate in educational opportunities; read professional publications and remain informed of industry developments
  • Perform other duties as needed or per business needs



High school diploma required; Bachelor’s degree preferred. Minimum 2 yearsas Lab Specialist (L4) or Senior Client Services Representative (L4) required for applying to this position *
* Employee assuming this position must endeavor to continually improve and develop skills required to successfully perform the entrusted duties


Description of Success Factors:

Accountability: Demonstrate personal initiative, focus and drive for continuous improvement; hold self and team members accountable to meet commitments and delivery goals in a timely manner
Technical Knowledge: Achieve thenecessary position-related technical and professional skills or knowledge to support a proper business decision during the production process. Keep up with current technology and trends in area of expertise in order to perform this leadership role
Service Mindset: Drive and motivate the team to achieve the production targets; build strong business relationships with team members and cross-functions and deliver customer-centric solutions
Mentoring Skills: Plan and support the development of team members’ professional knowledge, skills & abilities to build capacity and drive organizational effectiveness. Build strong teams through valuing, leveraging & maximizing diverse skills and perspectives to achieve common goals
Drive Engagement: Create a culture where people are motivated to do their best to help the organization achieve its objectives (sound ability to develop and motivate staff, i.e. strong relationship building skills and engagement with approachable demeanor)
Drive for Results: Set clear goals for personal and group accomplishment and use measurement methods to monitor progress toward goals, i.e. creating and identifying metrics as effective tools to manage the communication and staff/team performance. Maintain a focus on continuous improvement and staff development by providing constructive feedback.
Decision quality/problem solving skills: Sound ability to identify the root causes of the specific problems occurred during the production process and use data for further analyzing and quantifyingthe issues in order to making appropriate, timely decisions and sound resolutions or propose solutions to the management if needed
Communication Skills: Develop and deliver multi-mode communication that conveys a clear understanding of the specific needsof team members or other audiences; clear and concise verbal and written communication delivered with confidence and the style of the receiver in mind
Collaboration skills: Ability to work with good coordination and teamwork with all levels (up/down and lateral); develop and use collaborative relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of team’s work goals. Gain the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity, transparency and authenticity
Ability to manage conflict and resolve it harmoniously and productively to minimize impact and maximize outcomes; ability to express opposing views in a non-confrontational manner Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Spectrum, Searchlight and BI
Time management skills: Approach work in an organized and systematic manner; plan team’s work and time effectively to manage conflicting or shifting priorities and achieve team’s goals in alignment with department and organization

Job Title : Client Services Representative - Surat

Department: Client Services      Level: L3      Reports to: Supervisor

Job Role: Manage client accounts; be responsible for overall workflow to complete services for assigned clients. Provide consultations, as needed, to address clients’ gemological inquiries that are routine but less technical in nature


Essential Duties:

  • Influence production and shipping schedules when there are delays/issues
  • Resolve routine problems (e.g. delays ,mistakes) by troubleshooting, determining root cause and identifying the most appropriate response (coordinates with others to expedite solutions as needed)
  • Coordinate with other departments to resolve issues to ensure client satisfaction
  • Handle intake window as needed
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor or as per business needs
  • Monitor client accounts to ensure services are completed in a timely manner
  • Work directly with clients to handle queries, add/change services, arrange shipments, and provide report results, billing information and service information as necessary
  • Escalate client concerns to the appropriate person who can help resolve production, scheduling, shipping or invoicing problems
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor



  • Typically require High School and 2+ years of related experience within GIA or minimum 6 months experience as a level 1 or equivalent. AJP preferred.


Description of Success Factors:

  • Sound knowledge and application of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Sound knowledge and application of GIA proprietary systems (Spectrum, Searchlight, etc.)
  • Sound knowledge of key GIA people and their roles in production functions
  • Proficiency in functional department Standard Operating Procedures
  • Proficiency in Lab production workflows
  • Thorough understanding of GIA policies and procedures
  • Ability to apply specialized knowledge of the diamond grading and/or gemology function
  • Solid problem-solving abilities: identify problems and fix or escalate as required; fact finding to determine the best approach to solve the problems; learn to apply basic analytical thinking to clarify issues
  • Communication skills: Strong communication skills to answer clients clearly; ability to write routine reports and correspondence
  • Client-service skills: Solid skills to retain clients by handling client queries and complaints in a helpful and professional manner
  • Interpersonal skills: Create positive interactions with clients; client orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of situations and characters
  • Patience: Always maintain a professional image; be polite and have good amount of stress tolerance, especially when interacting with difficult or irate clients
  • Motivated/take initiative: Identify opportunities for improvements in processes or efficiencies and new approaches for existing processes and communicate these observations to management; cross-trained in other
  • Actively communicate with others in a timely & professional manner; maintain positive and collaborative working relationship with others and peers and reconcile difference of opinions with others and peers

Job Title : Lab Assistant (Evening Shift)

Department: Weights & Measures, Inscription, Inventory Control, Report Services, Export and Transport
Level: L2      Reports to: Supervisor

Job Role: Perform assigned pre/post grading production processes of Lab Weights & Measures, Lab Inscription, Lab Inventory Control, Lab Report Services and Lab Transport required to complete the production workflow


Essential Duties:
Perform any of the following or other duties as assigned to meet quality and production goals

  • Lab Weights & Measures
    Measure stone weight and other required data; prepare each stone for subsequent processes in accordance with procedures and requirements using relevant data

    • Perform in weigh and operate cleaning station
    • Perform screening, label printing, and/or measure ultraviolet fluorescence
    • Prepare casetting of stones
  • Lab Inscription
    Perform the requested Inscription Service per required procedures and requirements

    • Operate inscription device
    • Perform inscription support activities if assigned (e.g. inking, cleaning, sending/receiving, verifying inscription, etc.)
  • Lab Inventory Control
    Facilitate and distribute stones among assigned lab production functions as instructed
    Store stones for next process step in the system and physical location appropriately; facilitate easy retrieval through efficient storage in accordance with required processes

    • File/Pull from the Wall, distribute stones to organize workflow
    • Perform Mini-IC Opening and Closing processes if applicable
  • Lab Report Services
    Prepare Reports for clients after requested services have been completed (e.g. folding, enclosing reports in sleeves, proofreading, etc.)
    Checking printing errors & overall quality of lamination and cutting.
    Ensure stones / diamonds are sent & received in timely manner.
    File & pull stones for the next process step.
    Match reports to stones pulled from the shelf of stones.
    Make stones ready for return.
  • Lab Transport
    Receive incoming stone shipments from clients if applicable
    Prepare stones for shipment/delivery after service completion

    • Perform item intake process (courier shipments) if applicable
    • Receive, sort and organize stones in accordance with the procedures if applicable
      Perform outweigh and box/pack stones in preparation for delivery to clients
  • Lab Export
    • Receive Stones from Weights & Measures/ Inventory Control.
    • De-casseting of stones.
    • Scan the stones in spectrum and generate inter-site.
    • Counting and packing of stones for export.
    • Filing of documents.



  • Typically require High School Diploma.
  • No previous experience required


Working Time:

  • Evening Shift: 6:00 pm to 2:00 am


Description of Success Factors:

  • Basic knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Ability to learn and understand GIA proprietary systems (Spectrum, Searchlight, etc.)
  • Ability to learn and understand key GIA people and their roles in production functions
  • Ability to learn, understand and follow functional department Standard Operating Procedures
  • Familiarity with Lab production workflows
  • Basic understanding of GIA policies and procedures
  • Basic problem-solving skills: Understand when there is a problem and escalate as required; follow procedures to solve routine and often repetitive issues.
  • Sound communication skills in reading, writing and speaking clearly and ability to read and comprehend English (Spectrum, training in English)
  • Ability to communicate professionally (communicate respectfully, listen, articulate/explain issues, use professional tone, know when to email vs call, etc.)
  • Detail oriented / Ability to focus and complete tasks assigned in a timely manner
  • Ability to learn and use production equipment to perform the job assigned (tweezers, scales, stone-holder, microscope, etc.) and basic office equipment
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • Interpersonal skills: Ability to create positive interactions with colleagues; actively communicate with others in a timely & professional manner; maintain good working relationship with others and peers


Job Title : Assistant Security Officer / Security Officer - Mumbai

Department: Security      Reports to: Manager-Security


Job Role: Ensure effective safety, security and emergency response by referring given procedures and directions by superiors and by reporting all abnormalities to all concern taking adequate immediate actions.


Essential Duties:
Physical Security Operations – 40%

  • Conducts periodic walking patrols of the facility/premises and designated parking lot(s) as directed by superiors and reports discrepancies.
  • Follows all security procedures as directed and complies with all uniform and plain clothes assignments related to the job.
  • Assists or escorts, visitors, vendors or clients to/within facility/premises as needed
  • Assists or escorts, housekeeping cleaners for trash handling and storage.
  • Monitors and reports any discrepancies of activity viewed on surveillance equipment as needed.
  • Maintains safety and security related equipment, procedures and facilities


Emergency Response Preparedness – 30%

  • Maintain thorough knowledge of ‘site emergency response plan’ (GIA and TC-Building) and implement it during emergency situations and mock-drills to ensure life-safety & protection of assets
  • Quick & prompt response in all emergency situations (in accordance to SOPs)
  • Prompt first-aid assistance to staff & visitors.
  • Successfully complete all scheduled safety & first-aid training program.
  • Follows and implements all guidelines received from RJC.


EHS – 30%

  • – Reports all abnormalities, incidents in respect of environment, health & safety promptly and takes immediate actions as per SOP and/or as directed by superiors.
  • Follows all safety & health procedures as directed and complies with all assignments related to the job.



  • 12th Standard


Work Experience:

  • Minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in handling safety & security operations.



  • Preferred B & C certificate of NCC


Description of Success Factors:

  • Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies and procedures to safeguard people, data and property
  • Relevant knowhow of electronic security systems and exposure in responding to emergency situations.
  • Experience in handling and resolving emergency incidents
  • Knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)



  • Good written and verbal communication (English preferred)
  • Active Listening
  • Customer service orientation
  • Alertness and attentiveness
  • Person with high energy levels and initiative
  • Exceptional time management and co-ordination skills.



  • Responsible and trustworthy
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly
  • Ability and willingness to work under pressure


Why Work at GIA?

Working at GIA means you can express your passion for gemstones and make a difference. GIA employs more than 3,000 people around the world. Some are educators who are committed to teaching. The rest are highly skilled professionals representing almost every aspect of the business world. This diverse and highly talented group works as a team to fulfill the Institute's mission to protect the public by setting and maintaining universal standards for gemstone evaluation.

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