About Online Services

As a laboratory client, you can now quickly and efficiently manage your workflow through GIA’s online portal.

With My Laboratory, you can:

  • Check your job status and grading results
  • Request PDF versions of your GIA reports
  • Request additional services on your completed items
  • View all items that are available for pick up or shipping
  • Notify GIA when coming to pick up items at GIA
  • View all items that have been returned to you
  • Create job orders online
  • View your GIA Account information and preferences
  • Easily manage multiple user access to your online account with a Super User
  • View and download from GIA Report Check Plus
  • View billing details and pay online – Coming Soon!
  • My Laboratory is secure and confidential – only you, or your designated company representative(s), can access your items

What Is a Super User?

When you apply for an online account, you designate a Super User (you can appoint yourself), who will be authorized to access all the features and services available online, including placing orders, tracking shipments, viewing grading results, invoice details and making payments. The Super User can also assign other users to the online account and determine what they can see or do online. Only the Principal of your account can add or change a Super User, and that can be done at any time.

How to Apply for an Online Account

You need to be the Principal of a current GIA laboratory account, with a valid e-mail address. Simply complete the GIA Online Services application, designate a Super User for your account and return the signed form to GIA. Once we receive your completed application, we will send an individual user ID and temporary passwords to each user indicated on your form. Each user will be asked to reset this password when first logging into the secure GIA portal. We hope you find My Laboratory a valuable tool for streamlining your workflow. If you have any questions, please contact us, or call us Tel: +91 22 40851500.