Naina Chopra
GIA Jewelry Design Certificate New Delhi

I am fresher in this industry and through my Jewelry Design course at GIA, I was able to enhance the skills and abilities needed in order to start a successful career.I have learnt a lot and GIA is a great place to start a caree

Shiv Gohri
GIA Diamonds Graduate CEO- Jehlam Jewels Haryana

It was a remarkable experience to earn my diploma from the Harvard of the gems & jewellery Industry. From the brand new expanded campus with Wi-Fi, a gemmological library & instruments to the personalised attention by the Instructors, I recommend GIA for all who want an incredible start in the jewellery industry.

Utkarsh Goyal
GIA Diamonds Graduate New Delhi

My family business in the cashew trading, but I am looking to build a career in the jewellery industry. I wanted to learn about diamonds because it's a very scarce product and the foundation for most fine jewellery sold around the world. I did my research and found GIA to have the best reputation for teaching. I am really glad I decided to enrol. In a short span of 7 weeks, GIA has helped me develop my knowledge in diamonds with detailed understanding of technical concepts. This programme really helped me to enhance my confidence and create a concrete base for my career.

Honey Sehdev
GIA Diamonds Graduate Jalandhar

The GIA Graduate Diamonds programme is an excellent course and the Instructors are really helpful. I would highly recommend my friends to enrol in GIA's diploma programmes.

Sourabh Gupta
GIA Graduate Gemologist New Delhi

My family business is in the steel industry, so I did not grow up around diamonds and gemstones, which is where my passion lies. I wanted to learn from the best institute in the world, and knowing that GIA has been conducting gemological research for more than 80 years, I knew that was where I wanted to study. Today I can proudly say that I am a gemologist, which was made possible from the knowledge GIA has implanted in me. GIA provided the perfect environment to study - a modern facility that was fully equipped with gemological instruments and most important, very knowledgeable instructors. The factory visits in Surat and Thailand were an eye-opener as we could see and apply the learnings practically at the markets and met professional and experienced people from there.

Krupa Shah
GIA Jewelry Design Certificate Mumbai

Taking the Jewelry Design course from GIA was a wonderful experience for me. My instructor was perfect, helping and encouraging me at all points, so that it was an easy step to enhance my learning curve.

Smit Shah
GIA Diamonds Graduate Mumbai

I wanted to learn & understand the technical aspects of the diamonds in bigger sizes, and so enrolled in the GIA Graduate Diamonds programme. It was a wonderful experience and thank you GIA for the quality education you have given me.

Vinay Kedia
GIA Diamonds Graduate Mumbai

My purpose of doing this course was to learn about the trade and synthetic diamonds. I feel I have relived my school life, and at the same time achieved detailed knowledge on diamonds from the experts. Thank you GIA for giving me the confidence to succeed in any market around the world.

Mehak Chhabria
GIA Diamonds Graduate Mumbai

Diamonds have always fascinated me and inspired me to make a career in this industry. I was very confused while selecting a right course, but the advisors I met during the campus tour guided me thoroughly. I decided to enrol in the Graduate Diamonds Diploma programme and GIA opened my eyes by to the in depth world of diamonds. Now that I've completed my education, I will confidently use my knowledge as I join the ranks in the gem and jewellery industry.

Tulsi Bhansali
Jewelry Design Certificate Goldiam Jewellery Limited Mumbai

I come from a jewelry business background and I am currently looking into business development. I did not have prior experience in jewelry design, so GIA's course was a natural step to enhance my learning curve. GIA taught me how to visualize and render all types of jewelry, from rings to pendants, and even larger sets. Learning how to render taught me how to make the entire piece come alive. It's a very useful skill because it aids me to convey the correct message to 'karigars', who are the ones that eventually convert my designs into a piece of fine jewelry. My instructor was helpful and she ensured that I had a great experience. This course has given me the knowledge that I require to design my own jewelry line, and it will help me to bring freshness to the designs of my company

Nitika Kathait
Jewelry Design Certificate Mumbai

It was a very enriching experience with a perfect instructor who was motivating and helpful and also encouraging at all points. I had amazing batch mates who were talented in their own way, diverse and I got to learn a lot. All our queries were resolved and we were taught how incorporate a design in the best possible way. People who are really willing or looking forward to learn jewellery designing should definitely enroll with GIA and be rest assured that you will be given the best.

Bansi Meruliya
GIA Diamonds Graduate Shree Balkrishna Export Surat

GIA's education programs emphasise theoretical as well as practical training. The education I received was very comprehensive, covering a vast array of relevant topics. What I learned was equally helpful for fresher as well as experienced professionals."

Hardik Dhonda
GIA Diamonds Graduate Partner - Param Exports Mumbai

Coming from jewellery industry, learning about diamonds was a natural choice. GIA's Graduate Diamonds programme and GIA's approach to teaching widened the horizon of my knowledge. GIA helped me to understand the entire spectrum of diamonds and how to use my knowledge skillfully."

Drashty Bhandari
Jewelry Design Certificate Designer- Shairu Gems Mumbai

The Jewelry Design course at GIA has made me confident about myself and my designs. The course helped me enhance my creativity by providing a friendly and encouraging teaching environment. The enameling session in the course was great and has made me more interested in this particular topic.

Dev Shah
GIA Diamonds Graduate General Manager- Lotus Ornaments Mumbai

GIA's Graduate Diamonds programme helped me realize the true value of a diamond. As a trader, I used to buy GIA graded diamonds, but never fully understood the basics of grading. So I came to GIA, and what I learned here will be cherished forever.

Saloni Parekh
Jewelry Design Certificate Mumbai

The Jewelry design course has influenced me to develop my future in jewellery designing. The enamelling session was really interesting; we got to learn a lot more in detail. The designs made by Kriti motivated me to try out new designs.

Varun Lohia
GIA Diamonds Graduate Mumbai

GIA is the premiere institute in this field. This programme really helped me to enhance my confidence and create a concrete base for my career. The dedication of the instructors gave me detailed understanding of technical concepts. I look forward to enrolling in one more course at GIA."

Vishal R. Timbawala
GIA Diamonds Graduate Retailer - We are Jewels Mumbai

GIA's Graduate Diamonds programme completely changed my view toward diamonds. The fact that GIA is a world class institute, renowned for its consistency attracted me to the programme. Learning the 4Cs along with the other aspects of diamonds has given me the confidence to succeed in any market around the world.

Kajal Parekh
GIA Graduate Gemologist Parekh Chandrajagat Jewellers Nagpur

Earning my Graduate Gemologist diploma from GIA was a fascinating journey that I will always cherish. My father and my ancestors have been in the jewellery industry for decades, and this passion runs in my blood, too. GIA opened my eyes by providing me an in depth introduction to the world of diamonds and gemstones. Now that I've completed my education at GIA, I am confident that I will be able to make a contribution to my father's business and someday open my own jewellery boutique.

Neel Pethe
GIA Graduate Gemologist Waman Hari Pethe Mumbai

Although my father owns a chain of jewellery retail outlets, I didn't feel my knowledge of the industry was sufficient. Now that I have completed my education at GIA, I am a confident gemologist who can now be an essential part of the family business. GIA has helped develop my knowledge in diamonds and colored gemstones by providing the theoretical and practical training I needed before taking my place in the industry.

Sradha Khandelwal
GIA Colored Stones Graduate Orissa

My family background is not in gems and jewellery, so I always thought that every green stone is an emerald, that every red stone is a ruby and that all blue stones are sapphires. After coming to GIA, I learnt that there are so many stones to know and learn about. GIA has been a superb experience, and what I have learnt from GIA is so much more than what I imagined. I will confidently use my knowledge as I join the ranks in the gem and jewellery industry.

Avanti Kalawar
Jewelry Design Certificate Mumbai

GIA's Jewelry Design Course was very intense, thus, resulting in useful and immense learnings. Course standards are very high and have exceeded all my expectations. Not only did I learn the art of designing jewellery, but about the markets in various countries, as well.

Tanay Khandelwal
GIA Graduate Gemologist, Accredited Jewelry Professional Jaipur

Earning my professional credentials at GIA has helped me understand my business and customers better. It has given me the confidence to handle customer queries and make more informed buying and selling decisions. I also know that the trust and satisfaction my customers have in me and my business has increased.

Pranjal Jain
GIA Diamonds Graduate Entrepreneur - Roshan Jewels Indore

For people like me who are busy with their business and are unable to take the 7-week Graduate Diamonds Diploma Program at a GIA location, the accelerated program through Distance Education allows for a convenient way to enhance your knowledge on diamonds without comprising on work.

Vijeta Gurnani
GIA Graduate Gemologist, Jewelry Design Certificate Mumbai

After pursuing my Graduate Gemologist diploma program from GIA, I further enrolled in the Jewelry Design course. As a previous GIA student, I knew that the learning would be in-depth and the instructor top-notch. Thank you GIA for once again helping me on my creative path.

Samkith Sanjay
GIA Diamonds Graduate Director - M P Swarna Mahal Jewellers Bangalore

It was an excellent experience at GIA, as I started from the base and learnt the glittering world of diamonds in just seven weeks. GIA's learning environment is excellent - a modern facility that is fully equipped with gemological instruments and most importantly, very knowledgeable instructors. Now that I've completed the GIA Graduate Diamonds programme, I am confident that I will be able to make a contribution to my family's retail jewellery business with much more knowledge and precision.

Naman Kumar
GIA Diamonds Graduate Store Manager - Premji & Co Chennai

I am in the jewellery industry past 5 years, and earning my diploma from GIA was a fascinating journey that I will always cherish.Today, I am more knowledgeable and prepared to handle my customer's queries with confidence. Thank you GIA for the quality education you have given me.

Princess Tinkerbell Snell
GIA Jewelry Design Certificate Philippines

GIA is one of the most prestigious Institutes for studying jewellery design. I had the best experience of my life, studying jewellery design in India with GIA. Thank you GIA for this unforgettable journey.

Silvia Beatrice Hirschmann
GIA Diamonds Graduate Leatherland

I chose GIA in India because of India's significant importance in the global diamond industry. I loved every minute of my diploma programme as I received incredible knowledge and I am very enthusiastic to go back and tell my friends that I am a GIA graduate.

Rahul Dhanak
GIA Diamonds Graduate Dubai

I chose GIA to earn my professional diploma because my family has been in the jewellery business for the last 50 years. I am born and brought up in Dubai, but I came to study in India because I wanted to be closer to the Indian jewellery market. Studying at GIA's Mumbai campus was a great learning experience.

Tasliem Omardien
GIA Graduate Gemologist South Africa

I am a jewellery designer and a manufacturer from Cape Town, South Africa. If a person is serious about working in the jewellery industry, GIA's Graduate Gemologist diploma programme is truly an amazing start. As a designer, it is very important to know the materials one is working with, especially the gemstones, to create a pendant, ring, or any jewellery. At GIA, I had the opportunity to learn and practice on an immense variety of gemstones and distinguish between a natural and synthetic stone., Today, I am more knowledgeable and confident about diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. Thank you GIA for the quality education you have given me.