Submitting Stones

GIA Laboratory take-in boothPrepare your items for submission.
  • The Mumbai lab offers only diamond services for polished D-to-Z and coloured diamonds.
  • If you would like to submit rough diamonds, or would like laboratory-grown diamond, coloured stone, or pearl services, please read our global submission requirementsand send your items directly to another GIA laboratory or in-take locationworldwide.
  • Submitting to the Mumbai lab:
  • Submit only loose, un-mounted, polished diamonds.
  • Place one stone per parcel paper or other suitable container.
  • Parcel papers must include shape and weight. You may also include your internal identification or reference number.
  • Parcel papers should not include company name, initials, logos, phone, fax, email, website, or any other information that identifies you as the client or refers to grading information.
  • Prepare packing slip or memo, on company letterhead if applicable, which lists: Number of Stones, Client Reference number if available, Shape, GIA Services requested, Weight, Diameter, Height, Colour, Clarity, Rate per Carat and Total value in Dollars. For more examples on Diamond Shape Outline, Download PDF

Open an account by providing the following documents with your first submission.
  • A signed Client Agreement Form,if we don’t have a current form for you on file. Please be sure to return the signature page(s) with your first shipment, including the Patriot Act Compliance Confirmation and the Kimberley Process Certification. We will periodically request that you sign updated agreement(s).
  • A copy of the owner’s photo identification with signature.
  • Business card with owner’s name on it along with copy of The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) document and Import Export Copy.
  • Income Tax Pan Card
  • GST Registration Certificate is a must. If not registered under GST, a “No Registration Declaration” needs to be signed.
  • If you plan to have a messenger or company representative drop off or pick up your items for you, provide a letter on company letterhead authorizing them to do so. You may remove a representative from your account at any time by sending us your request in writing, on company letterhead.
  • If shipping, provide return shipment information, including address, telephone number, insurance requirements and estimated declared values. Submit Cheque (preferable). Cash also accepted, only if the invoice value is less than INR 200,000. Maximum amount of cash accepted is INR 200,000 only per day per transaction as per IT Act. If invoice value exceeds INR 200,000, then payment to be made via Cheque or Fund Transfer. Fees include only grading fees. Handling charges INR 64 per stone + GST @ 18% (current) and shipping charges (wherever applicable) will be extra.
    Note: Fees and handling charges are subject to change every quarter.

Pick Up Your Items.
  • Use your online My Laboratory account to track your job status and find out when your items are ready for pick up.
  • Your original GIA receipt is required at all times in order to pick-up stones (No Copies).
  • Photo identification with signature is required.
  • If this is your first submission, full payment is required at time of pick up.
  • Cheque or NEFT/RTGS or cash. Credit card facility is not available.