Kritika Maheshwari
New Delhi

Professionally and practically, I would recommend the GIA Applied Jewelry Professional programme. It will help provide a strong foundation as one ventures out into the gem and jewellery industry.

Rohit Mathur
Diamond Grading Lab Class, Small Diamond Assortment Owner-RV Chain and Diamond
New Delhi

Having experienced it myself, I can say that a GIA education is the best in the world. Today, I am very confident in conducting my business. The small class sizes fostered individual attention and the practical nature of the course gave me the chance to work with a variety of real diamonds. This has expanded my knowledge about diamonds and given me the tools to understand customer requirements better. I definitely recommend GIA."

Asavri Singhal
SWIFT Jewellery Design

GIA's SWIFT Jewellery Design course looked very promising and delivered the same. I had never thought 5 days could do so much justice and cover so many aspects. I am impressed and thank GIA for this wonderful experience.

Gulzar Khan (Jewels of India)

The merchandising course offered at GIA has really helped me to grow and expand my business.

Sakshi Agrawal

GIA gave me good exposure to practical learning, knowledgeable faculty and interactive courses.

Deep Zinzuwadia (Zinzuwadia Jewellers)
SWIFT Jewellery Design

Accomplishing SWIFT Jewellery Design course from GIA has helped me to enhance my creativity and develop my knowledge, elements which are helpful in liaising with the industry.

Santosh Kumar Pandey (Diamond Manager - Malabar Gold Pvt Ltd)

GIA’s merchandising course will improvise skills that are beneficial to the Indian jewellery industry – thank you for making this offering available.