Take your rightful place in Surat’s Sparkling Diamond Industry

  • Take your rightful place in Surat’s Sparkling Diamond Industry

    Earn a world class Diploma in Diamonds for a successful career

    The gem and jewellery industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. India is the diamond manufacturing centre of the world and Surat is at the heart this industry. At present, India exports 95% of the world’s diamonds, according to statistics released by the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council.
    Surat is the largest diamond processing centre, with around 10,000 diamond units located in and around the city. Surat accounts for more than 50% of Gujarat’s total exports of processed diamonds from India. Apart from Surat, Ahmedabad and Rajkot are the other major gems and jewellery clusters in Gujarat. Reputed globally for its high standards and constant technological innovation, Surat is estimated to process 8 out of every 10 diamonds in the world, contributing over 80 % of the global diamond requirement! Some research has also shown attributed its success to highly skilled manpower and strong government support.


    Diamonds are mainly mined in countries in Africa, Australia, Canada and Russia; traded in Belgium; processed in India; and sold in every corner of the world. The global nature of the industry opens doors to those seeking an international career. It is the diamond manufacturing hub of the world. These diverse career paths are part of a technical field, so it’s important to pursue a specialised education in diamonds.

    Ms. Nirupa Bhatt, MD, GIA (India & Middle East) says, “A major portion of the rough, uncut diamonds processed in India is exported, either in the form of polished diamonds or finished diamond jewellery. All these factors contribute to exciting career opportunities for those looking to join the diamond industry. We at GIA are seeing a growing interest for careers related to this industry whether it is diamond grading or jewellery design.”

    Considered to be the Harvard in the field of Gems & Jewellery Industry, GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the world leader in gem and jewellery education, gives an overview of careers in the diamond industry:


    The Basics of a Career in Diamonds
    Whether you are looking into a career in manufacturing, trading, sales, appraisal or design, an understanding of the 4Cs of diamond quality is necessary. The 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat Weight) is a universal standard developed by GIA in the 1950s that virtually every professional jeweller in the world uses to describe a diamond’s characteristics. They are the basis for determining a diamond’s quality, and in turn its value.


    Skills and Specialisation
    A gemmologist is someone who specialises in identifying gemstones, including diamonds. The need for trained gemmologists who can accurately identify stones is greater than ever in part due to the increase in gemstone treatments and synthetics. Professional credentials can open the doors to diverse job opportunities such as a buyer, trader or laboratory and research professional. Diamond manufacturers, jewellers, jewellery retail chains and gemmological laboratories worldwide are consistently seeking newly trained talent for their businesses. Each of these careers demands an eye for detail and a dedication to quality.


    How to Choose the Right Course
    For a well-rounded and comprehensive education, be sure to choose a globally recognised institute. If you’re interested in diamonds, sign up for a course that exposes you to a variety of actual stones and teaches how to identify treatments, simulants and synthetics through technical concepts and hands-on training. Choosing an intensive course like those offered by GIA, which often last for seven weeks, will provide holistic training in the field. These programmes utilise the latest gemmological equipment – including microscopes and refractometers – and focus on smaller class sizes.

    Another important parameter for choosing a course is one in which the instructor provides personalized attention to guide you through the learning experience. A campus tour of the institute will provide clarity on the staff, facilities and course curriculum. Opt for a programme that develops a deep understanding of the diamond industry through research-backed theory and hands-on learning.

    Consider your overall development in the vast field of diamonds. For instance, does the programme conduct field trips to manufacturing facilities to demonstrate how diamonds are cut and polished? Does it invite industry leaders to share their experiences and knowledge with students? Does it provide language assistance to understand complex technical concepts? Does it offer networking opportunities at industry events and trade shows? For a newcomer to the industry, these features enhance the overall learning experience.


    About GIA:
    GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring the public trust in gems and jewellery. Many well-known jewellers, gemmologists and manufacturers have chosen GIA to pursue a specialised education in the field of gems and jewellery. The Institute’s courses in diamonds range from a five-day class that gives students the basic understanding of diamond grading to a comprehensive seven-week programme considered the most respected diamond course in the world. GIA also offers many courses for other career options including jewellery design and retail sales. For more details about GIA in India, visit www.giaindia.in, email eduindia@gia.edu or Call on Mobile number 0-8108186683 or Toll Free number 1800 1021566.

    Content Courtesy of GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

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