Manager, Pre/Post Grading

  • Manager, Pre/Post Grading

    Department: Pre/Post Grading    Level: L7    


    Job Role: This leadership role is responsible for the day-to-day Pre/Post grading function operations and uses a systematic management approach to optimize productivity and operational efficiency. Lead and develop people to ensure GIA standards are upheld, and strive for continuous improvement of lab pre/post grading processes and policies through the alignment and achievement of the Lab organizational strategic goals and operational excellence


    Essential Duties:

    Manage and perform the following and other duties assigned to meet the pre/post grading function’s operational and production goals:

    • Manage day-to-day functional production operation to meet the daily production goals (quantity and quality) including cross-functional production work, coordination and collaboration (i.e. coordinating with grading team & supervisors, within pre/post grading teams and with planning team on stone distribution plan, with client services on issues, etc.)
    • Manage resources required (i.e. equipment/devices, staff’s work schedules, etc.) to maximize daily productivity and operational efficiency
    • Monitor daily functional work of the teams, i.e. time and labor related work, breaks, scheduled and un-scheduled absences, overtime determination, etc.
    • Provide balanced feedback, mentor, engage, motivate and support supervisors and teams on an ongoing basis (i.e. setting up of individual development plan (IDP) for supervisors, providing guidance on staff development, meeting supervisors and teams regularly to review its function’s production status and identify any issues or areas for improvement, etc.)
    • Implement and communicate any update from the Lab Management to supervisors or all team members as necessary, including any changes or updates in policies and procedures related to lab operations or the entire organization
    • Manage overall performance review process of the grading function to ensure that the annual evaluation is completed in a timely and appropriate manner (i.e. reviewing the staff performance review written by the supervisors, making salary review recommendations, performance goal setting and writing detailed comments to support the rating given, in accordance with the HR process, etc.)
    • Be involved in the hiring process if necessary, take disciplinary actions with HR Business partner support and recommend terminations when necessary
    • Be responsible for teams’ continuous professional development to ensure high quality of services performed, (i.e. reviewing quality monitoring data for consistency and accuracy of work performed; meeting with supervisors and teams regularly to identify the professional development areas to further solidify/improve upon; working collaboratively with the Metrology team for proper equipment usage guidelines to maximize productivity, etc.)
    • Be able to resolve non-routine, complex or escalated issues (e.g. process flow, resource management) by using sound technical and problem solving skills or escalate issues to the appropriate person when necessary
    • Build strong collaborative relationships and team environment to deliver the team’s goals and meet client expectations (the collaborative relationship extends across all functions of the lab)
    • Identify and prioritize key issues, risks and opportunities for the creation of action plans with solutions or proposals for Senior Lab Management’s approval (i.e. specific stone issues, process flow issues, inadequate coverage, etc.)
    • Proactively gain industry knowledge, technical skills and lab operation management knowledge required throughout the lab operations processes in order to effectively lead the pre/post grading function to meet their production goals (quality and quantity)
    • Assist the Lab management with the budgeting process in order to understand the financial implication of pre/post grading operations (i.e. providing detailed staff headcounts and equipment information, etc.) and use this knowledge for career advancement
    • Identify talent to optimize team structure and create an environment of mentorship and professional development for business continuity and success
    • Proactively participate in and provide recommendations for improvement of the Lab’s operational processes and systems
    • Proactively support global lab activities, i.e. travel to domestic and/or International locations as required, participate in educational opportunities, read professional publications and remain informed of industry developments
    • Perform other duties as assigned or per business needs (i.e. work with Instrument Development team for developing in-depth knowledge of instruments to further improve instrument performance, etc.)



    High school diploma required; bachelor’s degree preferred; must have minimum 2 years related supervisory experience as L6 in a lab/production environment or equivalent supervisory experience*
    * Employee assuming this position must endeavor to continually improve and develop skills required to successfully perform the entrusted duties


    Description of Success Factors:

    Self-Leadership & Accountability: Demonstrates initiative, focus and drive for continuous improvement; has the ability to lead and be accountable for their commitments; is result-oriented and self-motivated
    Technical/Functional Knowledge: Extensive in-depth knowledge of the Pre/Post Grading production process, good understanding and knowledge of equipment function and processes used in the department
    Service Mindset: Focus on needs of customers (internal and external); build strong customer relationships and deliver customer-centric solutions
    Optimize Talent: Plan and support the development of individuals’ skills & abilities to build capacity and drive organizational effectiveness. Build strong teams through valuing, leveraging & maximizing diverse skills and perspectives to achieve common goals
    Drive Engagement: Create a culture where people are motivated to do their best to help the organization achieve its objectives (Ability to develop and motivate team); strong relationship building skills; engage with approachable demeanor
    Drive for Results: Set high goals for personal and group accomplishment and use measurement methods to monitor progress toward goals. Consistently meet or exceed goals; delegate work in order to meet delivery time
    Decision Quality/Problem Solving: Incorporate a holistic approach to making good, timely, ethical decisions that keep the organization moving forward. Ability to identify root causes of problems and provide sound resolutions
    Analytical Skills: Ability to interpret data, think critically and make excellent conclusions; think strategically while considering impact of actions/decisions Communication skills: Develop and deliver multi-mode communication that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences; clear and effective verbal and written communication skills
    Collaboration skills: Ability to create positive interactions with colleagues; actively communicate with others in a timely & professional manner; maintain good working relationship with others and peers; deals professionally even under pressure
    Good understanding of laboratory inter-departmental operations and their relationships and flexibility to work cross-functionally within stream
    Ability to handle conflict situations effectively to minimize impact and maximize outcomes
    Ability to express opposing views in a non-confrontational manner
    High level of proficiency in Microsoft Office, Spectrum, Searchlight and BI
    Time management skills: Approach work in an organized and systematic manner; plan work and time effectively to manage conflicting or shifting priorities and achieve goals aligned with department and organization

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