Maintenance Assistant

  • Maintenance Assistant

    Department: Maintenance     Reports to: Manager


    Job Role: Responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of the instruments

    Essential Duties:


              • Preventative and corrective maintenance of the instrument i.e. Respond to breakdown calls from production area
              • Adherence to maintenance schedule i.e. Perform daily calibration tasks in collaboration with team leads and maintenance team manager
              • Inspection and analysis of instrument performance, take accountability for resolving problems to resolution
              • Understating the problem and quick resolution of the same to any equipment.
              • Develop strategies to improve the maintenance schedule and process.
              • Coordination with user areas/ other support teams to provide assistance to operational team
              • Troubleshooting and repair of laboratory equipment
              • Help promote culture of following standard work in production.



    Qualification :


              •  Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Mechanical/Electronics and communication/Electrical) preferred, Master’s in Laser and optics preferred, qualifications related to laser experience preferred, optical and spectroscopy experience preferred, experience with non-contact measurement devices preferred
              •  Experience of 1-2 years with Laser, optics and or optical instrument, spectroscopy, non-contact measurement devices
              • Lean experience is a plus.



    Description of Success Factors:



        • Good Understanding of Engineering terminology /analytical equipment and maintenance procedures



        • Strong analytical skills,
        • Good communication skills – verbal and written
        • Good listening skills



        • Ability to work with others in close manner
        • Ability to develop methods for analysis and conduct maintenance of devices and instrumentation,
        • Ability to adhere to project and task schedules

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