Laboratory Assistant, Surat (Evening Shift)

  • Laboratory Assistant, Surat (Evening Shift)

    Department: Weights & Measures, Inscription, Inventory Control,Report Services, Exportand Transport
    Level: L2      Reports to: Supervisor


    Job Role: Perform assigned pre/post grading production processes of Lab Weights & Measures, Lab Inscription, Lab Inventory Control, Lab Report Services and Lab Transport required to complete the production workflow


    Essential Duties:
    Perform any of the following or other duties as assigned to meet quality and production goals

    • Lab Weights & Measures

      Measure stone weight and other required data; prepare each stone for subsequent processes in accordance with procedures and requirements using relevant data

      • Perform inweigh and operate cleaning station
      • Perform screening, label printing, and/or measure ultraviolet fluorescence
      • Prepare casetting of stones
    • Lab Inscription

      Perform the requested Inscription Service per required procedures and requirements

      • Operate inscription device
      • Perform inscription support activities if assigned (e.g. inking, cleaning, sending/receiving, verifying inscription, etc.)
    • Lab Inventory Control

      Facilitate and distribute stones among assigned lab production functions as instructed Store stones for next process step in the system and physical location appropriately; facilitate easy retrieval through efficient storage in accordance with required processes

      • File/Pull from the Wall, distribute stones to organize workflow
      • Perform Mini-IC Opening and Closing processes if applicable
    • Lab Report Services

      Prepare Reports for clients after requested services have been completed (e.g. folding, enclosing reports in sleeves, proofreading, etc.)
      Checking printing errors & overall quality of lamination and cutting.Ensure stones / diamonds are sent & received in timely manner.File & pull stones for the next process step.Match reports to stones pulled from the shelf of stones.Make stones ready for return.

    • Lab Transport

      Receive incoming stone shipments from clients if applicable Prepare stones for shipment/delivery after service completion

      • Perform item intake process (courier shipments) if applicable
      • Receive, sort and organize stones in accordance with the procedures if applicable Perform outweigh and box/pack stones in preparation for delivery to clients
    • Lab Export
      • Receive Stones from Weights & Measures/ Inventory Control.
      • De-casseting of stones.
      • Scan the stones in spectrum and generate inter-site.
      • Counting and packing of stones for export.
      • Filing of documents.



    Typically require High School Diploma. No previous experience required


    Description of Success Factors:

    Basic knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
    Ability to learn and understand GIA proprietary systems (Spectrum, Searchlight, etc.)
    Ability to learn and understand key GIA people and their roles in production functions
    Ability to learn, understand and follow functional department Standard Operating Procedures
    Familiarity with Lab production workflows
    Basic understanding of GIA policies and procedures
    Basic problem-solving skills: Understand when there is a problem and escalate as required; follow procedures to solve routine and often repetitive issues.
    Sound communication skills in reading, writing and speaking clearly and ability to read and comprehend English (Spectrum, training in English)
    Ability to communicate professionally (communicate respectfully, listen, articulate/explain issues, use professional tone, know when to email vs call, etc.)
    Detail oriented / Ability to focus and complete tasks assigned in a timely manner
    Ability to learn and use production equipment to perform the job assigned (tweezers, scales, stone-holder, microscope, etc.) and basic office equipment
    Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
    Interpersonal skills: Ability to create positive interactions with colleagues; actively communicate with others in a timely & professional manner; maintain good working relationship with others and peers

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