Laboratory Assistant – Non Grading

  • Laboratory Assistant – Non Grading

    Department: Weights & Measures, Inscription, Inventory Control, Report Services and Transport
    Level: L2     Reports to: Team Leader/Supervisor


    Job Role: Perform assigned pre/post grading production processes of Lab Weights & Measures, Lab Inscription, Lab Inventory Control, Lab Report Services and Lab Transport required to complete the production workflow


    Essential Duties:

          Perform any of the following or other duties as assigned to meet quality and production goals

          • Lab Weights & Measures
            •    Measure stone weight and other required data; prepare each stone for subsequent processes
                  in accordance with procedures and requirements using relevant data
            • – Perform in weigh and operate cleaning station
            • – Perform screening, label printing, and/or measure ultraviolet fluorescence
            • – Prepare casetting of stones
          • Lab Inscription
            •    Perform the requested Inscription Service per required procedures and requirements
            • – Operate inscription device
            • – Perform inscription support activities if assigned (e.g. inking, cleaning, sending/receiving,    verifying inscription, etc.)
          • Lab Inventory Control
            •    Facilitate and distribute stones among assigned lab production functions as instructed
            •    Store stones for next process step in the system and physical location appropriately; facilitate    easy retrieval through efficient storage in accordance with required processes
            • – File/Pull from the Wall, distribute stones to organize workflow
            • – Perform Mini-IC Opening and Closing processes if applicable
          • Lab Report Services
            •   Prepare Reports for clients after requested services have been completed (e.g. folding,
                enclosing reports in sleeves, proofreading, etc.)

          • Lab Transport
            •    Receive incoming stone shipments from clients if applicable Prepare stones for
                 shipment/delivery after service completion
            • – Perform item intake process (courier shipments) if applicable
            • – Receive, sort and organize stones in accordance with the procedures if applicable
            • – Perform outweigh and box/pack stones in preparation for delivery to clients


      Qualification: Typically require High School Diploma. No previous experience required
      Description of Success Factors:

              • Basic knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
              • Ability to learn and understand GIA proprietary systems (Spectrum, Searchlight, etc.)
              • Ability to learn and understand key GIA people and their roles in production functions
              • Ability to learn, understand and follow functional department Standard Operating Procedures
              • Familiarity with Lab production workflows
              • Basic understanding of GIA policies and procedures
              • Basic problem-solving skills: Understand when there is a problem and escalate as required; follow procedures to solve routine and often repetitive issues.
              • Sound communication skills in reading, writing and speaking clearly and ability to read and comprehend English (Spectrum, training in English)
              • Ability to communicate professionally (communicate respectfully, listen, articulate/explain issues, use professional tone, know when to email vs call, etc.)
              • Detail oriented / Ability to focus and complete tasks assigned in a timely manner
              • Ability to learn and use production equipment to perform the job assigned (tweezers, scales, stone-holder, microscope, etc.) and basic office equipment
              • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
              • Interpersonal skills: Ability to create positive interactions with colleagues; actively communicate with others in a timely & professional manner; maintain good working relationship with others and peers


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