Graduation Ceremony, Mumbai, 18 June

  • Graduation Ceremony, Mumbai, 18 June

    On 18 June, a commencement ceremony was held for the students of GIA’s Graduate Diamonds (GD) diploma program at the Institute’s Mumbai Campus. Chief guest Rajesh Lakhani, vice president of Kiran Gems, and Manoj Singhania, director of education for GIA in India and the Middle East, presented students with their diplomas. “The skills and educational requirements are a must for a professional to stay active in this competitive industry, and GIA education helps to learn and meet distinct challenges,” said Lakhani. “GIA’s GD program enables graduates to enter this dynamic, exciting and rewarding industry with confidence,” added Singhania. GIA instructor Jamsheed Dastoor also congratulated the students and wished them success in their future endeavours.

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