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Learn all about the origin of coloured stones, how to identify them and distinguish a synthetic stone from a natural. Acquire the essential product knowledge and trade practices you need for a successful career in gems and jewellery.

Course Highlights

  • Identify 60 species of common and unusual gemstones including ruby, sapphire, emerald, demantoid garnet, and benitoite, and how illumination techniques can facilitate the identification process
  • Detect latest treatments such as opal doublets, opal triplets, heat treated rubies, beryllium diffused sapphires and rubies, lattice diffused sapphires and many other treatments
  • Detect synthetics, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and many other gemstones by identification of inclusions and use of common gemmological instruments
  • Gain experience on working of common gemmological instruments such as microscope, 10x loupe, polariscope, refractometer, spectroscope (hand-held and tabletop), dichroscope, Chelsea filter and ultraviolet lamp (long wave & short wave)
  • Gain additional knowledge of high-tech equipment used in renowned gem testing laboratories such as FTIR, Raman Spectroscopy, and others

Ideally Suited For

  • Coloured Stone Manufacturers
  • Jewellery Manufacturer
  • Loose Diamond / Coloured Stone Buyers and Sellers
  • Jewellery Retailers and Wholesalers
  • Lab and Research Professionals
  • Any individual aspiring for a career in the gem and jewellery industry


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Alumni Speak

Rohan Satikunver,
Graduate Gemologist, Classic Gems & Jewelry – Proprietor

“My experience attending GIA has been delightful. Having a family business within this industry, the courses that I have enroled in have allowed me to acquire in-depth knowledge regarding the industry, not only from a gemmological point of view, but also from a business perspective. GIA has provided me with the wonderful opportunity of studying in Mumbai. This has enriched my experience, allowing me to interact with a wider variety of people of different nationalities.”

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