GIA brings Alluring Careers in Gemmology to Jaipur

  • GIA brings Alluring Careers in Gemmology to Jaipur

    Create a satisfying role in the world of diamonds and gems

    The gem and jewellery industry represents one of the fastest growing industries in India. Jaipur is India’s second most important gems and jewellery exporting centre and exports Rs.11 billion worth of gems and jewellery. With an increasing number of entrepreneurs diversifying into diamonds and colourstone jewellery, the city’s oldest industry is undergoing transition and is reinventing itself in a new avatar capable of meeting the challenges of global jewellery market. GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the world leader in gem and jewellery education, provides you with an overview of careers in gemmology.


    GIA Alumnus showcases her designs at IIJW 2012


    Are you interested in the science of gems? Consider a career as a gemmologist, someone who specialises in identifying gemstones, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and even pearls. The need to accurately identify stones is greater than ever because of the increase in gemstone treatments and synthetics. Gemmologist credentials can open doors to diverse job opportunities like a buyer, trader or even a laboratory and research professional. Gemmological laboratories worldwide continuously seek new talent to accommodate the growing amount of gemstones submitted for identification and grading.
    The need to accurately identify stones is greater than ever because of the increase in gemstone treatments and synthetics. Professional credentials in gemstones can open doors to diverse job opportunities like a buyer, trader or even a laboratory and research professional. Gemstone manufacturers, jewellers, jewellery retails chains, gemmological laboratories worldwide continuously seek trained new talent for their businesses. All of these careers demand an eye for detail and dedication to quality. While gemmology is the core study of gemstones; one can also pursue a specialization in diamond grading, gem identification, or gemmological research. Similarly, study of gemmology can also help you in most career options related to the gems and jewellery sector.


    Following are the career prospects for a Gemmologist:

    • Diamond and /or Coloured Stone Buyer
    • Diamond Trader or Manufacturer
    • Jewellery Retailer or Manufacturer
    • Lab and Research Professional
    • Sales and Marketing Professional
    • Gemstone or Jewellery Appraiser
    • Entrepreneur dealing in Gemstones
    • Dealing in organic gems like corals and pearls is a different business avenue in itself


    GIA provides a 26 weeks Graduate Gemmologist programme where you gain the grading and identification skills to become a buyer, appraiser, retailer and senior professional across the entire gem and jewellery industry. If you know you want to specialize in either diamonds or coloured stones, you can opt for Graduate Diamonds or Graduate Colored Stones.
    The programme teaches you how to understand the 4Cs effect on diamond value, grade diamond in D-Z colour range, use gemmological equipment to grade and identify gemstones and coloured stones, detect synthetics, treatments, simulants and fracture filled diamonds and coloured stones, confidently speak the language of diamonds and coloured stones to your suppliers and vendors, knowledgeably guide your customer through the buying process, identify hundreds of common and unusual gemstones and detect the latest treatments and synthetics, grade gemstones using microscope, polariscope, spectroscope and other professional gemmological equipment like refractometers. An important parameter is that the instructor will provide personalized attention to guide you through the learning experience.
    With so many national and multinational companies venturing into gem and jewellery trade, the scope for gemmology has expanded on a global scale. The Institute will begin course from August 28th 2014 at the Rajasthan Chamber Bhawan at Ajmeri Gate, M.I. Road in Jaipur (Rajasthan).


    About GIA:
    GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring the public trust in gems and jewellery. Many well-known jewellers, gemmologists and manufacturers have chosen GIA to pursue a specialised education in the field of gems and jewellery. The Institute’s courses in diamonds range from a five-day class that gives students the basic understanding of diamond grading to a comprehensive seven-week programme considered the most respected diamond course in the world. GIA also offers many courses for other career options including jewellery design and retail sales.


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