GD Chennai 6th March Batch Graduation Ceremony – 22 April

  • GIA hosted its first Graduate Diamonds (GD) graduation ceremony in Chennai, in presence of office bearers of local trade associations and prominent personalities of the Chennai industry. The class of 11 students came from Chennai and surrounding regions with retail and wholesale backgrounds.
    Mr. Jayanthilal Challani – President, Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchants’ Association (MJDMA) and Mr. Anand Padmanaban, Chairman – GJF Tamil Nadu graced the occasion. Others present included Mr. Babu Immanuel – OKJ Jewellers and past MJDMA President, Mr. Mahaveer Bothra, MD – White Fire, and Mr. Abhay Mehta- MD, Mehta Jewellery. The dignitaries presided over the event, handing out diplomas and offering advice about the gem and jewellery industry to the students.