logoEvolveGIA is a not for profit organization committed to raise standards of the gems and jewellery industry – through education, research and gemstone grading and identification services. Evolve is a step in that direction, to facilitate learning for the leaders.

A platform to share and learn, to progress and advance to the next level with leaders from various walks of life… to get inspired by their experience, insights and achievements. Evolve is a learning platform for leaders. It is a part of GIA’s ongoing commitment to assist the Gems and Jewellery Industry expand.

In a series of interactive sessions, successful personalities share their experiences, success and knowledge to help the attendees overcome challenges in business.

For organizing an Evolve event in your location, please contact

Pooja Daya:- +91 22 4085 1584
Email:- pdaya@gia.edu
Neeta Amonkar:-+91 22 4085 1524
Email :- neeta.amonkar@gia.edu