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Service components

    Diamond Origin Report:

    • Full 4Cs grading assessment with plotted diagram
    • Confirmation of geographic origin along with information about the geographic location as it relates to diamond formation and production
    • Inscription of report number

    Origin App:

    • Diamond story in a native downloadable app
    • Report data as well as images and videos of the rough and polished diamond

    Origin Book:

    • Discovery and history of diamonds in the country
    • Your diamond's transformations from rough when it was mined to polished stone in your jewelry
    • Positive impact the diamond trade has on the country

Submission criteria

Diamond Manufacturers

    Rough parcels:

    • All parcels must be submitted with Kimberley Process (KP) Certificate
    • Invoice (from the mining company) of the parcels mentioning invoice number, lot number, weight, quantity, and country of origin
    • Only sealed bags are accepted

    Polished diamonds:

    • Only available for polished diamonds whose rough stone has been analyzed by GIA
    • Diamonds .15 ct and above
    • D-to-Z and fancy colors
    • To aid the retailers in telling a diamond's origin story to consumers, GIA offers retailer tools comprising of:
    • Retailers
    • Origin Book
    • Origin Product Brochure: Consumer-friendly brochure explaining diamond origin and scientific matching
    • Selling Tips: A small pocket-card will highlight the most important selling tips for your sales staff to communicate diamond origin to your customers
    • Training: Information you and your sales team need to communicate diamond origin and scientific matching to your customers

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About GIA

Established in 1931, GIA protects the public through gemmological research, education, impartial gem identification and grading services, and instrument development. The world’s foremost authority in gemmology and creator of the 4Cs, GIA sets the standard for determining the quality of diamonds and performs research-based identification of coloured gems and pearls. All of GIA's activities are governed by its mission to serve the public. Learn More