Diamond Grader Associate

  • Diamond Grader Associate

    Department: Grading     Reports to: Team Leader


    Job Role:Perform the summative evaluation of diamonds in accordance with the International Diamond Grading System and document identifying features required for the initial draft of GIA Diamond Grading Reports

    Essential Duties:

          • Perform the following and other duties assigned to meet production goals (quality & quantity)
            • Evaluate a diamond and determine the initial clarity, polish and symmetry grades in
                  accordance with GIA standards
            • Follow standard grading methodology and examination techniques to evaluate a diamond
                  using proper tools and devices (i.e. microscope, loupe, tweezers, etc.)
            • Apply basic knowledge of GIA policies and procedures to identify characteristics present in
                  the diamond, and electronically map observations onto a diagram by using GIA’s proprietary
            • Learn to interpret and follow documentation policies and procedures to efficiently represent
                  characteristics and treatments present in the diamond by using GIA’s proprietary systems
            • Participate in ongoing professional training and testing for continuous grading development
            • Meet required Diamond Grader (L4) qualification criteria (quality and quantity) within
                  specified timeline
            • Perform other duties as assigned or per business needs

    Qualification :


        • High school diploma required. Or any Graduate Bachelor’s degree (B.S.) from four-year
              college or university with major in Earth Sciences preferred
        • Must complete GIA Graduate Diamonds Program within 9 months of training start date


    Description of Success Factors:


                • “Personal accountability: learn and improve performance; take personal responsibility for
                      decisions, actions & outcomes
                • Technical knowledge: ability to learn, retain and apply grading knowledge (includes
                      receiving and applying feedback from mentors/more experienced staff)
                • Service mindset: drive and motivation to meet production and quality requirements
                • Decision quality/Problem solving: ability to identify issues; know how to escalate an issue or
                      to ask for guidance
                • Analytical skills: learn to apply analytical thinking and deductive reasoning to daily work;
                      ability to learn to articulate the issues/reasoning to reach the initial evaluation of diamonds
                • Visual perception (being able to make sense of what you see), depth perception,
                      understanding of spatial relationship – ability to map a 3-Dimensional object into
                      2-D diagram with accuracy
                • Ability to use gemological equipment (microscope and loupe) to evaluate the diamond, and
                      hand-held tools (tweezers, stone holder) to manipulate diamonds
                • Ability to read, comprehend and follow standard procedures or instruction (proficiency in
                      reading, writing and speaking in English required)
                • Communication Skills: Ability to communicate professionally and collaborate with a diverse
                      group of individuals – actively listen and communicate with others in a timely & professional
                      manner; ask questions, receive and apply feedback; proactively participate in training
                • Sound skills in computer software (MS Office)
                • Ability to work in close physical proximity with other staff, while utilizing shared equipment.
                • Detail oriented – ability to produce accurate detailed work and documentation
                • Ability to work independently in a production-oriented laboratory environment
                • Interpersonal skills: Ability to create positive interactions with colleagues and a team;
                      actively communicate with others in a timely & professional manner; maintain good working
                      relationship with others and peers
                • Time management skills: approach work in an organized and systematic manner”

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