Caution Notice

PLEASE NOTE that GIA India Laboratory Private Limited (“the Company”) is not an investment company or fund nor does it solicit funds from the general public for the purposes of undertaking any investment and/or financial activity. The Company does not have any investment or financial schemes, trade profit funds etc. The members of the public are hereby cautioned not to be enticed by any person posing themselves as agents/employees/representatives of the Company for soliciting to invest in any investment and financial schemes or trade profit funds falsely attributed to the Company.

In the event any member of the public is lured into investing or has invested in any such investment or financial scheme or trade profit funds carried by such unscrupulous persons purportedly in the name of the Company, neither the Company nor its directors, employees, officers, agents, etc. will be liable or responsible for any consequences or claims thereof or any loss suffered by the public.

For any queries/clarifications, feel free to reach us at 1800-41-999-14 or