Applied Jewelry Professional Program

Without sales, there would be no jewellery industry. A sales associate operates at the frontline, interacting with customers daily, in tune with the needs, desires and motivations of the marketplace. It is no wonder that a healthy understanding of sales, and the selling process, is essential for nearly every career along the gem and jewellery pipeline.

The Applied Jewelry ProfessionalTM program covers topics including jewellery designs, setting styles, jewellery care and other content that will support your product knowledge and provide excellent service to customers. This programme also introduces basic information about diamonds, rubies, sapphires and the GIA clarity grading system.

Other subjects of study include how modern technology is changing the way diamond is cut, the qualities of precious metals, major jewellery manufacturing methods and the important activities involved in the operation of a retail jewellery store. To enable effective product conversations, examples are provided on how to translate jewellery features into benefits and how to communicate the 4Cs of diamond value to customers. This programme provides clear and concise information that can be immensely implemented on the job.


Course Highlights

  • Describe how the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut and carat weight) affect a diamond’s value
  • Examine the relationship between size and weight of diamonds
  • Explore the differences between treated, laboratory-grown and imitation stones to sell with full disclosure
  • Understand the steps of the jewellery sales process
  • Translate jewellery design, style and manufacturing features into benefits
  • Convey the romance, lore and characteristics of the most popular coloured gemstones

Ideally Suited For

  • Jewellery Retailer and Wholesaler
  • Retail Sales Professional
  • Jewellery Manufacturer
  • Loose Diamond / Coloured Stone Buyers and Sellers
  • Any individual aspiring for a career in the gems and jewellery industry
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