Skill Building Courses

GIA in India offers a range of Skill Building Courses that are designed keeping in mind the Indian market requirements which are targeted towards enhancing the skills and getting up-to-date knowledge on current and relevant topics related to the gem and jewellery industry.

These courses are ideal for: buyers and traders, jewellery manufacturers, jewellery retailers,  laboratory and research professionals, and other gem and jewellery related professionals, and gem and jewellery enthusiasts.

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The major features of these programmes are:

Convenient: These courses are conducted in multiple locations. These can be arranged at a location, date and time as suitable to requesting body i. e. Corporate Clients, Independent Retailers or Trade Associations.

Cost-effective: Skill Building Courses are cost-effective way of updating oneself with the trends and skills required for success in their particular field (i.e. buyers, retailers, marketing professionals, manufacturers, etc.).

Some of the topics covered under this programme are Small Diamond Assortment, Colour & Clarity Grading, Cut Grading, Counter Sketching & Jewellery Design and Sales Excellence.

Introduce yourself to the basic process of sorting small diamonds for colour, clarity, cut, and sizes as per the market

Course Highlights

  • Learn the methodology of using a tripod, tweezers, and a loupe
  • Learn to sort diamonds by their Colour, Clarity, Cut
  • Work with small diamonds up to 10 points
  • Sort diamonds based on sieve sizes

For more details and registration contact :
Contact No. : 1800 41 999 14
Mobile : +91750673 2927